“We have to look at air freight and ocean freight more holistically”

Blog posts   •   Jul 19, 2019 08:30 GMT

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s publication of Panalpina’s half-year results, we asked Lucas Kuehner and Peder Winther, the global heads of Air Freight and Ocean Freight, to give us a bit more color on the development of the markets and Panalpina’s performance thus far in 2019, and to tell us what they expect in terms of peak season in the second half-year.

Panalpina half-year results remain stable

Press releases   •   Jul 18, 2019 05:00 GMT

Panalpina recorded stable results for the first half-year 2019. From January to June 2019, Panalpina generated an EBIT of CHF 52.1 million (YTD 2018: CHF 54.7 million) and a consolidated profit of CHF 34.0 million (YTD 2018: CHF 36.1 million), thereby nearly reaching previous-year levels.

Good cards for Cartagena and Panalpina’s LCL Ocean Freight hub

News   •   Jul 16, 2019 07:00 GMT

Cartagena, Colombia’s premier port, is becoming increasingly important as a regional transportation hub. Last year, Panalpina set up the first ocean freight hub in Cartagena for Central and South American LCL (Less than Container Load) cargoes. The international freight forwarder also tops the Port of Cartagena’s import and export rankings.

Healthcare industry banks on logistics for safe, efficient and timely deliveries, notes Brazilian government official

News   •   Jul 12, 2019 13:30 GMT

Getting medicinal products from A to B in tamper-proof, cold-chain conditions requires highly efficient global supply chains. Logistics is essential for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, as commercial and regulatory experts increasingly realize. This was underlined by Brazilian authorities during the recent opening of Panalpina’s healthcare logistics center in Cajamar, São Paulo.

Panalpina honored with Lenovo Logistics Award

News   •   Jul 11, 2019 15:07 GMT

Panalpina’s Air Freight, Ocean Freight and Logistics services help technology giant Lenovo sell four devices globally every second.

Panalpina applies War Risk Surcharge for Strait of Hormuz

News   •   Jul 08, 2019 18:50 GMT

Panalpina, the world’s fourth largest provider of ocean freight services is applying a War Risk Surcharge for the Strait of Hormuz as a result of significantly increased insurance premiums for all vessel operators going through the busy waterway.

Blockchain for pharma’s blockbusters

News   •   Jul 01, 2019 13:50 GMT

How would you trace and authenticate unique and valuable products within the healthcare and pharmaceutical supply chain? Panalpina’s hacker team took a stab at creating real-world blockchain solutions to share data within and across enterprises.

Panalpina powers digital data centers through procuring and owning inventory for tech companies

Press releases   •   Jun 27, 2019 12:00 GMT

Big social media companies used to moving digital bits and bytes now have Panalpina as an ally in Logistics Manufacturing Services (LMS). A pioneer of LMS, Panalpina has made further inroads into the high-tech space by managing inventory for its customers and holding up the backbone of their supply chains to serve data centers.

Panalpina’s African Star shines yet again

News   •   Jun 26, 2019 14:28 GMT

A scheduled shutdown of a deep-water oil platform is no small undertaking. For one Panalpina customer, their entire maintenance plan would have been derailed if not for Panalpina’s innovative African Star solution for transporting large shipments from the U.S. to Angola expeditiously. Four heat exchangers with a total weight of 47,210 kg were shipped from the U.S. to Luanda in a few days only.

Change in the Board of Directors of Panalpina World Transport (Holding) AG

Press releases   •   Jun 21, 2019 05:10 GMT

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